How Magic Mushrooms are Becoming Mainstream

October 22, 2020 MTM


When reputable financial publications begin covering the potential for investment opportunities in the psychedelic dispensary field, you know that a product has officially shifted from taboo to talked-about. A 2019 Financial Post article highlighted a growing movement toward the decriminalization of magic mushrooms, brought about by the legalization of marijuana. Proponents of magic mushrooms, and investment speculators, argue that there is a vast untapped market for the medicinal use of magic mushrooms, one that could eventually rival the medicinal and recreational marijuana market. But how did magic mushrooms make the jump from controversial to, if not conventional, at least acceptable, and what does that mean for magic mushroom users?

Users of magic mushrooms have long touted the medicinal benefits of regular magic mushroom use, and now research suggests that there may be some truth to these beliefs. The active component in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, has been shown to have some positive effect on managing mental disorders, helping users with everything from anxiety to depression and addiction. Recreational magic mushroom users have also reported that regular consumption of small amount of psychedelic mushrooms, also known as microdosing, has helped with social nervousness, improved focus, increased creativity, and led to higher productivity. Tech gurus, social media influencers, podcast hosts, and even famous musicians have all recently come out in support of psychedelic mushroom use. This, combined with a societal shift that began with the legalization of marijuana, has removed some of the stigma that once surrounded the use of magic mushrooms. Today, you can find a magic mushroom dispensary easily online and receive your product in discreet packaging, along with information about various dosing programs, including microdosing.

For magic mushroom users, or individuals who have been curious to try, but either weren’t sure how to go about obtaining mushrooms or who were put off by the perceived illicit nature of the product, mainstream acceptance of magic mushrooms can make purchasing mushrooms safer and easier. In BC, much like we had marijuana dispensaries long before legalization, psychedelic mushrooms can be purchased online through a magic mushrooms dispensary. Currently, would-be buyers are left to decide for themselves if they are purchasing a quality product from a reputable buyer; however there are a number retailers out there who are committed to the education and well-being of their consumers, and to bringing wider acceptance of psychedelic mushrooms as a means of supporting a healthy state of mind.

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