Teaching You Everything You Need to Know About Golden Teachers

February 19, 2021 MTM

Golden Teacher Mushrooms

From growers to psychedelic trippers and spiritual quest seekers, everyone loves Golden Teachers. Also known as Psilocybe Cubensis, this species of magic mushroom offers just the right combination of hallucinogenic effects and self-enlightenment, and for those who wish to get a little closer to nature, they are also one of the most forgiving species of mushroom to grow. Not a skilled cultivator? Not a problem; you can buy Golden Teachers online in Canada and still experience all the magic of this mushroom for yourself.

Where are Golden Teachers From?

Like all mushrooms, Psilocybe Cubensis grows naturally in the wild in areas with warmer climates, such as Central and South America, parts of Southern Asia, and Australia. However, while other species of mushroom can be difficult to grow in sub-optimal settings, this particular cubensis is very adaptable, making it a preferred choice for even amateur growers.

Why are Golden Teachers so Popular?

Aside from being simple to grow and easy to buy online in Canada, Golden Teachers are popular because of their reliably euphoric high. Described as a mild-potency species, this magic mushroom is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced users, and is less likely to produce a bad trip or high than other species of mushroom.

What is a Golden Teachers Trip Like?

Golden Teachers got its name from its unique ability to provide users a transcendent, enlightening experience in which they often discover new things about themselves, the world around them, or find answers to some fundamental question they have been pondering.

Unlike more potent mushroom varieties, Golden Teachers are known for giving users a good trip, versus other species which may have more potential to cause an undesired bad trip. Users will still experience the quintessential psychedelic high, however, the particular strain composition and milder potency of Golden Teachers can reduce the odds of having a negative experience.

How Much Golden Teachers Should I Take?

Mushroom dosage is very subjective. It will depend on your experience with taking mushrooms or other psychedelics and hallucinogens, your mood, personality, and any mental health issues, and your reasons for taking mushrooms. Let’s cover some of these scenarios.

Your Experience Level

It is easy to buy Golden Teachers online in Canada and they are mild enough to be a good option for new mushrooms users who want to get a taste of a psychedelic high without falling down a rabbit hole. If you are familiar with other hallucinogens, like a weed, you could start with a light dose of Golden Teachers, something between 1 and .25 grams. The effects can take up to an hour and last for several hours after that. If you don’t feel anything, you can try incrementally increasing your dose the next time, but you should not take more on top of an earlier dose, because it can kick in and have a cumulative effect that may be too much.

More experienced users can start with a moderate dose. 1.5 – 2 grams should be more than enough to allow the average person to feel the full effects of Golden Teachers.

Your State of Mind

Your mood at the time you ingest the mushrooms will be the single largest factor in determining how your high will progress. Particularly for first-time users who have never had to navigate a bad trip, ensuring that you are in a happy, positive mood, and in a familiar location will help you reduce the odds of having a bad experience. First-time users are recommended to trip with a trip sitter – an experienced, sober companion who can help ground you in the event of a bad trip.

While there is a whole field of emerging medicine devoted to understanding how magic mushrooms can help with certain mental disorders, including depression, it is important to note that magic mushrooms can intensify certain feelings and emotions, so proceed with caution.

Micro-dosing vs Recreational Use

Finally, an out of this world psychedelic trip may not be what you are after. Micro-dosing is a form of ingesting mushrooms as part of your regular weekly routine. Many people, including renowned executives and tech geniuses, have touted the creative and cognitive effects of micro-dosing. As the name suggests, this form of using mushrooms involves very small amounts, usually less than a 10th of a regular dose, and incorporating a schedule of on and off days.

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