Why Are Blue Kabenzi Mushrooms Blue?

March 5, 2021 MTM

Blue Kabenzi Mushrooms

Blue Kabenzi mushrooms are a hugely popular psilocybin mushroom species for shroom users of all experience levels. They are known to produce a creative, empathetic, and feel-good high. But why, you may ask, are they blue?

The typical bluish-green colour notable in the stem of the Blue Kabenzi mushroom may be more reminiscent of something left in the fridge a little too long than something appetizing, however, scientists recently uncovered why this mushroom, and most other psilocybe cubensis, gain a noticeable blue hue after being cut or bruised.

A group of scientists at Germany’s Leibniz Institute recently got to the bottom of this decades-old mystery. It turns out that the same active ingredient that gives magic mushroom users that unmistakable high is also responsible for the unique colour transformation: psilocybin.

In the study, published in Applied Chemistry International, Dirk Hoffmeister and his team continued exploring this colour-changing phenomenon where other researchers had given up. While it was long assumed that the blue hue was the result of an oxidization process, Hoffmeister was able to figure out that this was only a small part of what causes the colour change.

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So here it goes: dragging out all the tricks in the book, including liquid chromatography and MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization) spectrometry, the team was able to separate, isolate, and study the molecular structure of psilocybe cubensis and observe the subsequent changes as they removed and added various chemicals to the mix.

The researchers found that it is not a single process that renders the mushroom blue, like exposure to oxygen, but rather a series of steps. First, when picked, bruised, or otherwise damaged, the psilocybin in the mushroom undergoes a change to its molecular structure. It becomes psilocin – the chemical that gives its users that unmistakable hallucinogenic trip. The psilocin then undergoes a second conversion – known as dimerization – where existing molecules combine and cause a reaction. In this case, the dimerized psilocin becomes one of two molecules that gives off a blue pigment.

More About Blue Kabenzi Mushrooms

Now that you know the how behind the blue colouring to the Blue Kabenzi mushrooms, you may be interested in trying them out for yourself.

Whether you are an experienced mushroom user or just starting out, this little blue shroom packs just enough punch to make everyone happy. On a scale from happy tripping to flying off into outer space, Blue Kabenzi mushrooms land somewhere in the middle. This popular mushroom is widely used and even available online for those looking for a little discretion with their recreational goings-on.

The high can be described as beautifully euphoric, highly-creative, and all-around pleasing. As far as magic mushroom trips go, a Blue Kabenzi high is smooth and easygoing.

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Beginners looking to try this mushroom will want to start out slow, as it can be quite potent. A half gram is probably enough to feel something; an entire gram will definitely have you psychedelic tripping. Veteran pros will want to consume more, between 1 and 2.5 grams for the full experience.

As always, make sure you are in a positive state of mind, as a mushroom high will intensify your current state of mind. Being in a negative space could cause you to go down the rabbit hole on a bad trip.

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